27 April 2007

"September Dawn" opens June 22. Go see it!!

UPDATE: It is now slated for release on August 24.


Why? Because it has Jon Voight in it. Why does that matter? Because he seems to be the only person in Hollywood who has anything resembling a brain cell left in their head. While everybody else out there (and I do mean, "out there!!") seems to be jumping on the Pelosi-Reid-Schumer-Hillary!-Obama-Edwards bandwagon of defeatism and Dhimmi-hood, Mr. Voight spells it out like it is: We are facing an enemy that will not stop fighting until we are dead.

They're called, "Islamofascists". They aren't just some militant minority in some dark corner of Islam. They are carrying out the goal of Islam. It is a religion of peace. However, the way they prefer to achieve peace is with a sword at your throat, or your head on the floor. That, my friends, is Islam. If anybody thinks it was spread through Europe by love and happy songs, you really need to go back and read your history. Of course, THAT history has been wiped out of our children's history textbooks, because it might "offend" someone to hear the truth.

Islam was spread by the edge of the sword. Today, it is being spread by suicide bombers. If Islam really is all about "peace", then ask yourself this question: Who Would Muhammed Bomb?

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