26 April 2007

Buh-Bye, Rosie

That's right, the same Rosie who has brought you some of the most awesome truthering you will ever hear, is leaving "The View (from the left)" over a "contractual difference"(wink wink nudge nudge). Late mornings on ABC won't be the same again. I mean, where else will you hear someone with Rosie's qualifications as an expert in chemistry, physics, and metallurgy explain why WTC 7 was blown up on purpose?

Well, you can probably check PMSNBC, or CBS, or some other unbiased news outlet like them. Maybe she'll get a full-time gig writing editorials for Pravda The Washington Post. If you're down and you need a good laugh, Michelle Malkin has a hilarious video over at her blog. So long Rosie, we're going to miss you...about as much as we'll miss an impacted wisdom tooth.

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