23 March 2007

Touching the (not-so) anointed

"That's right, folks!! Benny Hinn will be here next week to heal your (fill in your favorite malady)!! Now, GOD really wants to heal you, but He won't, unless you show up at the coliseum this Friday night! Oh, and make sure you bring your checkbook, because you know what they say about a gullible cheerful giver!!"

Just got done watching John Stossel rip Rod Parsley, Kenneth Copeland, and the whole TBN crowd a new one on "20/20". I can just hear their followers now. "Touch not mine anointed!!! Touch not mine anointed!!!" You know, it really is sad, that these charlatans have so many people bamboozled into thinking they are humble servants of GOD. (Actually, Paul Crouch doesn't make any pretense about being humble.) And ya know, it's so frustrating. On the one hand, I don't want to sound like I'm saying these preachers don't love the Lord (Matthew 7:1). On the other hand, I can't look at these people and not think "Phony!!"

There's another new link, and it's called Ministry Watch. The guy that runs it walked away from a 7-figure income to start this ministry. These people really are fleecing their flocks. They tell these people that if they send them their last penny, that GOD will just open up His heavenly cash vault, and the material wealth will come pouring down like "latter rain." There's a word, in the original Greek, that defines this line of thought. The word is..."BULL!!" These hucksters that go around saying that if you're sick, that it's because you don't have enough faith. And that if you're poor, you're not saved. So, if you die, then what does that mean?

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