23 March 2007

I think I'll buy a pair, just to support the cause

This was a good night to watch "20/20." Of course, you can't go wrong when John Stossel's reporting. In fact, I'm surprised the chieftans at ABC News even keep him on, since a lot of times he does a really good job exposing left-wing hacks. But tonight, not only did he do the piece on Copeland, Creflo $$Dollar$$, and the rest of the "Prosperity crowd," he did this really cool piece on Stephon Marbury.
"Two hundred dollars was $200. It was a lot of money. It was a sacrifice," said Mabel Marbury, Stephon's mother. "Anybody that would take their money and buy a pair of sneakers and don't have no food in their house — is silly."

So when Marbury became Starbury, earning $17 million a year, he said "enough" — he would come out with a line of sneakers that sell for less than $15. He teamed with Steve & Barry's University Sportswear, a national chain with 200 stores, and came out with the Starbury line of sneakers, hats and jerseys. Nothing sells for more than $14.98.

"I think Stephon's own involvement is probably key here," said Michael Atmore, editorial director of Footwear News. "There's never been a big name athlete that's come out and said you don't need to pay as much. And that's what Stephon is doing."
Now let me make one thing clear. I am not a NY Knicks fan. In fact, I can't stand the Knicks. I'm a 76'ers fan, and I dislike the Knicks more than I ever disliked the Celtics. But I'm diggin' what "Starbury" is doing. So, ditch the $100 Jordan's. He's got enough money as it is. Do the world a favor. Boycott Nike, Reebok, etc. and get yo'self a pair of Starbury's, and put an end to this madness of overpriced sneakers.

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