09 March 2007

Tell me again how Christianity "subjugates" women?

Over at LaShawn Barber's Corner, she has a post about a Western feminist who married a Muslim, moved with him to Afghanistan, and had a fairy-tale marriage. Not.
My second question to Chesler is why in god’s name she even thought about moving to a backward Muslim country, let alone actually doing it? The most likely explanation is that she, like so many liberal westerners, bought the insipid multicultural all-cultures-are-equally-valid line. Strangely enough, these same people tend to hold Islam and other religions in higher esteem than they do Christianity, a religion that played and continues to play a huge role in the fact that even Christianity’s harshest critics can denigrate the faith without worrying about having their heads chopped off!
Islam is a religion of peace. As long as the wife doesn't do anything to anger her loving husband, there will be peace in their household. If not, well, that's what the scimitar is for. You know, it really galls me when I read about liberals (outside and inside the church) who try to say that "Christianity was invented to deal with all the other religions that honored women", blah blah blah.

I guess I must be reading the wrong Bible. In the one I have, Paul commands husbands to "love [their] wife as Christ loved that church..." (Ephesians 5:25), and that husands are to treat their wives with honor, as a delicate vessel (1st Peter 3:7). But it must be that "love" and "honor" stuff that keeps their bare feet chained to the stove, while Muslim wives enjoy all the freedom they could ever want or need. Oy!

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