09 March 2007

Side-splitting laughter, Democratic style!

Over at Michelle Malkin's site, she has a video with transcript of democrats eating their own. The argument is between Appropriations Chairman David Obey (Oh-bee) and a couple of left-wingers from something called "Occupation Project", whatever that is. They're a bunch of people, with nothing better to do than sit around thinking of ways to be obnoxious in public. But this much I do know: When presented with facts, they just don't know how to cope:
OBEY: That's the problem! That's the problem! The liberal groups are jumping around without knowing what the h*** is in the bill! You don't have to cut off funds for an activity that is no longer legal. We're shutting it off.

Second man in hallway interrupts: Congressman, what about the Church Amendment that helped end the Vietnam War in, what was it, '72-'73.

OBEY: It took us 31 different efforts to get there. I was here for that!

Man: Didn't that help end the ground war in Vietnam?

OBEY: No, it didn't. The political pressure on the administration finally ended the war. The amendment that finally ended the funding was the [unintelligible] amendment. I was the sponsor of that--

Man: But if you pass a resolution, isn't he still the commander-in-chief?

OBEY: (Gesturing wildly again) WE DON'T HAVE THE VOTES TO PASS IT! WE COULDN'T EVEN GET THE VOTES TO PASS A NON-BINDING RESOLUTION ONE WEEK AGO! How the h*** do you think we're gonna get the votes to cut off the war?!

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