12 February 2007

Well, whoop-tee-doo

Can you believe it??? Are you as amazed as I was?? I mean, who would have thought the Dixie Chicks would have won all those Grammys...........

Oh please. Spare me the awe and surprise. They didn't "win awards." They had a bunch of stupid little trophies handed to them by a bunch of people who hate America just as much (if not more) than they do. Let's get real here folks. You mean to tell me that "I'm Not Ready To Make Nice" was a more well-written song than "You're Beautiful"? Well, only if you're a left-wing, anti-America, terrorist-appeasing dhimmi. Like, say, most everybody in the entertainment industry. Try this quote on for size (via Breitbart):
As Maines accepted the album of the year, she [Natalie Maines] joked: "I'm ready to make nice!" She then added: "I think people are using their freedom of speech with all these awards. We get the message." [ed.--Uh, yeah. So do we.]
But, oooohhh, this is the start of their HUUUGGGE comeback. Yeah, whatever. Everybody knows what they stand for, and there ain't no way in the world that any true American would buy their records ever again.

(The following sap is added at no extra cost) Oh, but they're "paaaaatrioooots" for being so "boooooold" and speaking "truth to poooowerrrr"!! (whatever that means). Tell ya what, you want to know what a true patriot looks like? How about this couple right here. I'd like to see if the "Chicks" have the nerve to walk up to these two and say what they really think about America.

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