09 February 2007

Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007

Correction from yesterday: I posted that she was 40. She was, in fact, 39.

What can I say about it? Every news organization in the world will be reporting on this ad nauseum for the next month...or two...or three...She was, to these eyes, the epitome of Hollywood. Whenever you saw her, she was always playing (or being portrayed as) a ditzy blonde. But, like so many people in Hollywood--and millions of people in the real world--she seemed to be using her camera persona to mask some kind of pain.

Lately, that pain has come from many sources. The biggest, of course, being the death of her son Daniel. Not only from his death, but the media frenzy and rumors of his alleged drug use. Then, after what should have been one of the most joyous occasions in her life--the birth of her daughter Danielynn--her ex-boyfriend decides to start a (urinating) contest, claiming HE was the father. Add to all that the legal stuff from TrimSpa, and it all led to the inevitable conclusion. But, Hollywood will move on. It will find another young, pretty face, chew her up, and spit her out just like the rest.

UPDATE: Just read this comment over at HotAir--

This was a human being who probably died with no hope and believing that no one left alive really loved her (the baby notwithstanding).

I knew someone else who died believing this (via an overdose) and it hurts to this day that he went out of here in despair.

It’s called empathy.

baldilocks on February 8, 2007 at 6:04 PM

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