27 February 2007

I hope Darryl Hannah brought an extra lunch...

On her "Hannity & Colmes" appearance last night, Ann Coulter ate Darryl Hannah's lunch, and AlGore's, and every member of the "Wacky, Wacky, Warmin' Globe" tour. If you watch the video that accompanies the post, it really makes you wonder, which is more dense--a cement fruitcake, or Daryl Hannah. I love how she says, "He has millions of people watching. He doesn't have any solutions, but he's talking about it." Yeah, Darryl, that's what Democrats do. They talk about stuff, but don't do anything about it.

Gotta love this from Ms. Coulter:

Energy is production. You are asking for the entire industrial world to shut down.
One thing you can say about Ms. Coulter. She doesn't waste her words. When she says something, you better believe she means it. She doesnt go back, when someone cries in their pudding, and say, "*sniff sniff* I'm soooooo sorrrreeeee!!!" If you don't like what she says, don't listen to her.

OK, here we go. AlGore is, quite frankly, a hypocrite. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a glowing example of liberal double-speak:

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said: "Sometimes when people don't like the message, in this case that global warming is real, it's convenient to attack the messenger."

Kreider said Gore purchases enough energy from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and methane gas to balance 100 percent of his electricity costs.

In other words, "I'd like a double-cheeseburger, extra bacon and mayo; a large order of fries; and a DIET COKE." So, let me get this straight. All the energy that GoreBot is burning isn't doing ANYTHING to the environment, because he uses windmills for some of his power.

Hey, Mr. Former Vice-Premier Vice-President, why don't you go full-tilt, show the world that you really MEAN what you say, and get ALL your electricty from your windmills and solar farms. Nah, can't do that. That's not the liberal way.

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