10 January 2007

Pace University: There's a reason it's abbreviated P.U.

As in "Pee-yew. Something smells like some bad political correctness!!" I don't know about you, but I'm sick and doggone tired of everybody tripping over themselves trying to appease Muslims in this country and around the world. The fact of the matter is, the word "Islam" literally means "submission", and that is the goal of Muslims, to make us and every country in the world submit to Allah. Only in this country, those in academia are just rolling over and letting Isalm have all the rule and power.

How else can one explain the fact that whenever a Muslim cries, "HATE CRIME!!", yet whenever the name of Christ is blasphemed, or a church is desecrated, it garners a "Wellllll.......we'll think about having a meeting as to whether we want to hold a vote on investigating.....can you get back to us in a month or so?"

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