10 January 2007

The fringe has officially become the mainstream

Dick Durbin is calling on all radiclas to set the agenda (**Content warning**) for the "party of the people" (or is it "The People's Republic"?). Make no mistake about it, the folks over at the DailyKos are now calling the shots in the House and the Senate.

When the Senate convened for the first day of the new 110th Congress last Thursday, Democrats introduced 10 new bills that focus on three key goals -- providing real security for America , restoring transparency and responsibility to government, and helping working Americans get ahead. [...]

[...]In addition, Senate Democrats will provide aggressive oversight of the Bush Administration's war in Iraq -- keeping our troops safe, stopping war profiteering, and bringing the war to an end as soon as possible.

Help me set the Senate's agenda -- prioritize these important issues now!

[emphasis in the original]
If you haven't ever visited the DailyKos, I'll just warn you right now: If you venture past the linked page, wear a raincoat, because you will be wandering into the Valley of Flying Venom. Many of the posts are so vulgar, Howard Stern would have to cover his ears. And yet, one of the most powerful members of the (People's) Democratic Party has gone crawling to them for advice on how he should do his job.

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