12 December 2006

Poor, misunderstood Rosie O'Donnell.

OK, let me get this straight (no pun intended). AS A GAY WOMAN, she was offended by Kelly Ripa's reaction to Clay Aiken putting his hand over her mouth. AS A GAY WOMAN, she's offended by something else. AS A GAY WOMAN she's offended by something else. But, she can make fun of Chinese people, and we just "don't get her humor." Give me a break!! She's just being the typical liberal, who screams "Bigotry!!! Racism!!!! Homophobia!!! Blahblahblah!!!!" when somebody disagrees with them (see Dixie Chicks), yet when they go around mocking people of various backgrounds (Christian, Chinese, etc.) and someone calls them on it, WE are the ones who need to "lighten up". BULL!!!! Rosie, you are a hypocrite!! (GOPandCollege has more)

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