12 December 2006

Don't let the liberals fool you

On Rush Limbaugh's radio show yesterday, he very eloquently detailed the real reasons why liberals exaggerate man's contribution to "global warming." Even the UN(useful) reported the very same thing. It's so typical of the left. They say that they have one reason for opposing something, when the real reason is masked in secrecy. Why do they do this? Easy. Because if the actually came out and told us the truth about anything they do, the world will see them for the flaming communists they really are.

For example, why are feminazis so bent on protecting abortion on demand? Is it to protect women whose health may be in danger? NO!! They want to keep abortion legal so they can go on having sex with as many men as they want without having to face the consequences. Why are AIDS activists so vocal in wanting more money for AIDS research? Is it so they can help stop AIDS around the world? You're kidding, right? NO. The answer to this question is so that homosexuals can go back to having unprotected sex with as many partners as they want, without having to worry about contracting a deadly disease.

Why do liberals want to ban pretty much every vehicle with an internal combustion engine? It's not because they want to save the planet. It's because they want to tear down the capitalist system that has made this country the one that so many people are willing to risk their life to come to. Why do liberals want to take GOD out of everything? To make people forget Who it is that has helped this country become the greatest country on Earth. Don't let the libs fool you. When they come up with some cockamamie reason for opposing something, you need to look deeper than what they are telling you.

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