16 December 2006

OK, so, wait a minute. Who's the victim here again?

Ahh, the Associated Press! Just the kind of reporting that anybody who can't stand America needs when they're feeling down.
WICHITA, Kan. - When hordes of police and immigration officials stormed meatpacking plants in six states this week, the illegal workers arrested may not have been the only victims.
It's so good to know that when law enforcement does its job in rounding up people who were STEALING THE IDENTITIES OF LAW-ABIDING AMERICANS, ONE OF WHOM WAS A BORDER PATROL AGENT (/rants) that the good, old AP is around to tell us who the real victims are!! I mean, for crying out loud, even CNN, the Communist Cable News Network called them on it!!

The Associated Press--giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America!!!

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