15 December 2006

Finally, somebody standing up to AlGore

It's about time.
A critic of "global warming alarmism" began filming a documentary Thursday that seeks to rebut some of the claims former Vice President Al Gore made in his popular movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Steven Hayward, editor of the "Index of Leading Environmental Indicators," began filming "An Inconvenient Truth ... Or Convenient Fiction?" with presentations at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the conservative Heritage Foundation.
(Hat tip: CNS News)

How many years have we heard all the screeching about "global warming". Well, now, finally somebody has decided that enough is enough, and done the research, and is going forward to put an end to AlGore's silliness. Will he get the publicity he deserves? Of course not. The Tim Robbins', the Susan Sarandons, etc. in the Hollywood crowd (not to mention the major news networks, as well as SeeBS) won't let that happen. If people heard the truth, they would realize just how much of a liar AlGore (and the rest of the tree-hugging crowd) really is. Then, their chances of taking the White House in '08 would be decreased drastically. Of course, Hillary would do everything she could to distance herself from her hubby's VP as quickly as she could.

Here's a "Best Wishes" to Mr. Hayward!!

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