12 March 2008

Spitzer resigns

As well he should. Because if he was a Republican the entire left-wing media machine would have him tried, convicted, and hung without a shred of evidence. From the New York Slimes:
With the resignation of Gov. Eliot Spitzer, David A. Paterson, the calm and affable legislative leader turned lieutenant governor, is set to ascend New York’s highest office in midst of a political storm.

Mr. Paterson, 53, is scheduled to become the state’s 55th governor on Monday. He will be the state’s first black governor, and the third black governor of any state since Reconstruction.

As news of Mr. Spitzer’s impending departure spread Wednesday morning, Mr. Paterson’s staff grappled with the need to plan a transition at a time the state faces a $4.4 billion deficit. Mr. Paterson himself has begun to reach out to the state’s senior Democrats, including Senator Hillary Clinton and Congressman Charles B. Rangel, a fellow Harlem Democrat with long ties to Mr. Paterson’s family.

“This doesn’t come as a surprise, and it seems very appropriate that Gov. Spitzer takes some time to say farewell to colleagues and friends with whom he has worked,” an aide to Mr. Paterson said. “It also gives a very brief period of time for Governor-designate Paterson to have the opportunity to meet with legislative leaders, senior staff and other professionals in the Spitzer administration.”

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