03 November 2011

A Survey of the Old testament Law--The Tabernacle, the Priestly Garments

The next couple weeks will be a little different. Because of the many details concerning the construction of the tabernacle and the making of the priestly garments, I think they would be better dealt with in video form so you can see what these things (probably) looked like. Granted, there is no way of knowing just exactly what they looked like, I think the videos I have found will give us a pretty good idea of what was involved. So here is a three-part video series providing a helpful computer animation for study purposes.

Part 1: Exodus 25:1-40; Exodus 26:15-30; Exodus 27:1-8

Part 2: Exodus 27:9-Exodus 28:41

Part 3: Exodus 30:1-10; Exodus 30:17-33

Here is how the various parts of the tabernacle were a shadow of Christ:

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