08 October 2010

Prayers for the persecuted church (10/8/10)

10/7/2010 Islam (WND) Report Finds That Islamic Numbers, Influence Surging-

“The situation is really bad for Christians in some areas where Muslims are now in the majority in Europe,” said Jonathan Racho, a Regional Manager for International Christian Concern. Many European Muslims, especially those who live in areas where they outnumber Christians, are beginning to flex their muscles. In fact, there are some parts of the UK that are considered “no go” areas. These are areas of a town where non-Muslims are not allowed (or advised) to “go” or enter. Furthermore, UK Christians are being attacked in their Muslim-dominated neighborhoods and evangelists are being stopped by Muslim police officers. Some say that the United States is not far behind. Full Story

Pray for the safety of Christians living in Muslim-dominated neighborhoods.
Pray that the UK will start protecting its Christians citizens.

10/5/2010 Algeria (CDN) Algerian Christians Acquitted of Eating During Ramadan-

On August 12, 2010, Salem Fellak and Hocine Hocini, were arrested while eating lunch. Why? These two Algerian men were detained for consuming food during the Muslim month of Ramadan. According to reports, officers at a nearby police station walked up to the two Christian men and confronted them for not fasting. When Salem and Hocine explained that they were Christian, the angry officers accused them of insulting Islam. Yet, this explanation was not good enough. Salem and Hocine were arrested, interrogated for two hours, and then dragged to court. “I have the right not to fast. I am a Christian,” said Salem Fellak while standing trial at an Algerian court. Fortunately, the case against Salem and Hocine was dismissed! Full Story.

Praise the Lord that the case against Salem Fellak and Hocine Hocini was dismissed!
Pray that the Algerian government will not force Christians to follow Islamic rules.
Pray that the court’s dismissal of the case will not cause Salem and Hocine to be persecuted by Algerian Muslims.

9/30/2010 China (ChinaAid) House Churches Raided, Two Foreign Pastors Missing-

In the past few weeks, two house churches have been baselessly raided in China—one in Sichuan and one in Henan. Yet, the word “raided” does not adequately describe the way Chinese police officers took it upon themselves to smash objects, confiscate books, and arrest church members. In fact, two foreign pastors, one from America and one from Russia, were also detained and arrested. The whereabouts of the pastors are still unknown. Many of the arrested believers have been threatened with labor camps where they will be re-educated. Full Story.

Pray that the two foreign pastors are found and released.
Pray that the arrested church members will be set free and all talk of labor camps will be forgotten.
Pray that the Chinese government will stop raiding house churches and allow them to worship the Lord.

10/5/2010 Pakistan (MNN) Christians Endure More Attacks in Punjab-

On September 23, 2010, a mob of Muslims attacked dozens of Christians in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. According to sources, a mob of 40 militants fired shots at homes and into the streets—wounding and killing many innocent believers. It has been rumored that three powerful politicians instigated the attacks, but this rumor has yet to be confirmed or substantiated. Full Story.

Pray for the families whose loved ones were killed in this vicious attack.
Pray for the swift physical and mental healing of those Christians who survived the attack.
Pray that the rumors are false—that politicians were not involved in this deplorable act of Christian persecution.

10/4/2010 Pakistan (Coshocton Tribune) Pakistani Bishop: "It Requires Great Sacrifice" to Be Christian-

President Obama has called the northernmost province of Pakistan "the most dangerous place in the world." This area, which measures 29,000 square miles, is home to 20 million Pakistani citizens. The northernmost province is infamous for smuggling, arms dealing, and kidnapping. Yet the people who are in the most danger in the northernmost province are the Christians. Many Pakistani believers are killed, tortured, and arrested for their faith in Christ. To make matters worse, citizen rights are based on religion in Pakistan. Thus, Christians are at the very bottom—they are seen as the “slum of the earth.” Yet, even though these brothers and sisters in Christ are looked down upon, they still feel blessed to be part of the family of Jesus Christ. Full Story

Pray for the peace and fortitude of the Pakistani Christians.
Pray that the Pakistani Christians know that they are not the “slum of the earth” but beautiful children of God.
Pray that the Lord will place a huge hedge of protection around the Pakistani Christians.

9/30/2010 Pakistan (AllVoices) Attacks on Christians Persist in Pakistan-

Since September 8, 2010, Christians in Mohalla Kalupura, Pakistan have been attacked more than 10 times by fundamentalist Muslims. Just last week, these faithful believers were attacked again. According to sources, 40 Islamic extremists barreled through the streets of Mohalla Kalupura firing their guns and swinging their axes. It is still unknown just how many Pakistani Christians died or were critically injured in this merciless onslaught. To make matters worse, local police have yet to find and apprehend the culprits. Full Story.

Pray for the swift mental and physical healing of the Christians who were attacked in Mohalla Kalupura, Pakistan.
Pray that the Pakistani government will protect Mohalla Kalupura from any future attacks.
Pray that the Lord will pierce the hearts of Pakistan’s Muslims.

9/28/2010 Egypt (DailyNewsEgypt) Mother of Christian Twins Seeks Azhar Fatwa-

Last March, Kamelia Lotfy Gaballah tried desperately to change her twins’ religion on their birth certificates from Muslim to Christian. Unfortunately, the Egyptian courts refused her request. Sixteen-year-old twins, Andrew and Mario, were raised as Christians, but are documented as Muslims because their father is Muslim. Knowing that her sons will be “forced” to convert to Islam if something isn’t done, Kamelia has begged the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar to issue a fatwa allowing 15-year-old children to “choose” their religion. If the Grand Sheikh refuses Kamelia’s request, Andrew and Mario will forever have the word “Muslim” stamped on their national I.D. cards. Full Story.

Pray that the Grand Sheikh will grant Kamelia Lotfy Gaballah’s request.
Pray that Andrew and Mario will not be persecuted for their decision to be seen as Christians in an Islamic country.
Pray that Andrew and Mario will be shining lights for their Muslim father.

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