03 September 2010

Did you know that Poison was a Christian rock band?

You didn't, huh? Well, that's because you weren't blessed with the same kind of discernment as Perry Noble of NewSpring church! Why, if you had simply listened to their lyrics, you would know that Bret Michaels & Co were very faithful in declaring the whole counsel of God! If they weren't faithful to God's word, do you really think that Perry Noble would let the "praise" band at NewSpring play their hit song "Nothin' But A Good Time?"

Oh, yeah, you're right.

He would......AND HE DID.

(H/T: Chris Rosebrough at A Little Leaven)

WOW!! If I had only known that I thought I was rocking out to Poison because of my own desires for sexual gratification, drunkenness and revelry--all that time they were actually trying to lead me to Jesus!


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