07 June 2010

Pray for Afghan Christians

From persecution.org:

Afghan Christians are requesting our prayers as they have fallen under attack from their own government. Just recently, an Afghan parliamentarian called for the execution of converts to Christianity. That’s right, the same ideas the Taliban espouse are being expressed in Afghanistan’s parliament.

In addition, the Afghan government is cracking down on Christian aid organizations and the Afghan church. Afghan Christians are currently in hiding as an overwhelming sense of fear and confusion has moved throughout the church. Authorities are pressuring Afghan Christians and others to disclose the names and locations of Christian converts. Sadly, under government pressure, some Afghans have given in to this pressure by turning Christians over to authorities.
ICC posted a Press Release yesterday that compares the extreme language used on the floor of the Afghan parliament – a parliamentarians call to execute Christians – to the tyrannical ethics preached by the Taliban [see ICC Press Release].

Tomorrow, ICC will issue another press release with more details on the extent of the government crackdown upon the Afghan church. Stay tuned!

Now is the time for the western church to take notice of the severe persecution faced by Christian Afghans. Let us unite together in prayer.

This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.- 1 John 5:14

Please pray:
  • For the Afghan church, that God will sustain them during this period of great trial. That they may remain strong in faith, and persevere in the face of government oppression.
  • For Christian aid organizations in Afghanistan, that their work may be allowed to continue and that through their actions in helping the Afghan people, they may display the love of Jesus Christ.
  • For the Afghan Christian who is currently in jail – that he will trust and find courage in the Lord. Pray also that if is be God’s will, the he will be released, and if not, he will exemplify Christ in whatever circumstances.

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