16 December 2009

NewSpring's new motto: "We love to hear kids cuss!!"

If you want to know what really motivates and inspires Perry Noble--well, it's not hearing a child say they love Christ. It isn't hearing that a child stands up to kids who mock him for not giving in to peer pressure. And no, Perry Noble isn't invigorated by watching the life of a former reprobate turned into a life that is lived in holiness and righteousness to God.

No, what really gets Perry Noble amped up is.....

......hearing a child cuss. Well, read it for yourself, from Noble's own blog:
A first time visitor (probably around 9 or 10 years old) walked into our 4th-5th grade room in KidSpring at our Anderson campus and was BLOWN away!He looked at the children’s worker who met him at the door, and, after looking around the room he said, “you guys have a wii?”

“Yep,” she said.

“And you guys have a PSIII?” he said!

“Yes sir, we sure do,” she replied.

“And we can play these for free?” He asked.

“Yep,” she answered.

Then he turned to his friend and said out loud, “This Sh_t is awesome!”

Wow, how cool is that!! Hearing a 9-year-old use words that shouldn't even be used by a grown-up!! That should bring a tear to any pastor's eye...*SNIFF SNIFF*....

In his blog post, Noble makes it perfectly clear that all of this kid's wants and desires were met. They had things to keep him entertained. And that was what Noble bragged about. In fact, you can read more about the guy that runs the children's "ministry" at NewSpring--and his choice in music--here. So, just what kind of message do you think this guy is sending these children? Now, if this child continues to attend NewSpring, he can sit under the "ministry" of this guy, and his "clever repartee" of vulgar language.

So, did this child get saved? Did this child hear and accept the gospel? Did he leave proclaiming a love for Christ? Good question. The answer is......we don't know. Noble neglected to tell us anything about that in all of his self-praise. But we do know this--he really had fun playing video games!! That's what's important!! Oh, and he heard something about some Jesus dude that fed people.

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