03 November 2009

Abby Johnson: New target of left-wing hatred

Abby Johnson has just made herself an enemy of the state. The pro-abortion camp are, no doubt, painting a target on her back, and planning on how to take direct aim at her, her life, her family, everyone and everything she holds dear.

Simply because she saw the truth and saw that it was the truth. And now, the pro-death side is scared that more people will see abortion for what it is--the excruciatingly tortured dismembering of a human being who just happens to have the misfortune of being in the fetal stage of development. And just to show how scared they really are, they have gone to court to shut her up, with wild accusations that Ms. Johnson is going to release information on patients (From The Houston Chronicle):
BRYAN, Texas — Planned Parenthood has filed a temporary injunction to prevent a former director of its Bryan clinic from teaming up with a local anti-abortion group to release records from her eight years of work at the family planning clinic.

The employee, Abby Johnson, said Monday that she never planned to release the records.

Either way, the case, which has gained national attention on conservative online media sources and anti-abortion blogs, has caused a skirmish between the clinic and the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life, which recently moved its headquarters several hundred feet away from the clinic.

A hearing on the issue is scheduled for Nov. 10 in the 85th District Court.

The injunction was filed Friday and signed by District Judge J.D. Langley. It prevents Johnson and the coalition from releasing anything that Johnson, who was executive director for about two years, may have retained while working at Planned Parenthood -- at least until the hearing.

Yeah, I know. Ludicrous. But, what do you expect from people who are blinded by greed:
The 29-year-old said she resigned from the clinic because she felt guilty after witnessing an abortion in September. She also said she was concerned about pressure from the organization's regional manager that the Bryan clinic focus on more abortions because of financial reasons.

"Definitely the most lucrative part of their business was abortions," she said. "One of the things that kept coming up was how family planning services were really dragging down the budget, and family planning services include education about contraceptives. It was a drain on the budget, but abortion services were really running up the budget and that was keeping the center afloat."

An employee at Planned Parenthood's Bryan clinic declined to comment and referred questions to the organization's regional office in Houston. A spokeswoman from the regional office released a statement but declined to answer any questions.

This is to be expected. After all, when pro-death supporters shoot a man in a wheelchair and try to beat up a 70-year-old man for exercising their first amendment rights--Oops. Sorry, I forgot. That whole first amendment thing only applies to the pro-abortion side. We pro-lifers are supposed to keep our mouths shut.

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