04 August 2009

Ryan Wyatt: Scam artist extraordinaire

There is a pox here in Knoxville. His name is Ryan Wyatt. He's part of the whole Rick Joyner-Patricia King-Todd Bentley-Kansas City Prophets strain of heretics that go around spouting the "prophetic" and "new revelations" and, of course, "Signs and Wonders." Here are some of his latest shenanigans, when he appeared on, of all things, Sid Roth's television program. Watch and try not to lose your lunch:

Oh, and if you can, they're a little short on cash to build their new "home":
We are one of the ministries forerunning this message right now. We encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit how you can partner with us, taking a stand alongside us, to see this message penetrate into the very core of the Church worldwide. We are standing on the edge of one of the major pivotal points in the history of this ministry, one which will open the door of opportunity into the next level of impact in our region, nation, and around the world.

That opportunity centers around the launch of the Abiding Glory International Ministry Base in Knoxville, TN. We thank every one of you that have contributed to this vision already. However, we still need to bring in $110,000 by the end of August. We appeal to you all to seek God and see if there is anything you can do to help launch this strategic ministry base which will impact thousands upon thousands in so many different ways.

OK, so let me get this straight. Ryan Wyatt claims that God is performing all these miraculous signs--but He can't come up with the funds to help finish their building.

Or, if you want, then Ryan is more than willing to take you down the road that brought Bob Jones world-wide fame--being "naked before the Lord". Read what Ryan Wyatt says at his website:
God is again looking throughout the earth for those who have not covered themselves with the things of the world but for those who are willing to submit to His stripping and pruning work and be clothed again from glory to glory! Are you naked before the Lord? Do you need to be awakened and come to a realization that you are nowhere near laying hold of your high calling? Are you truly poor in spirit and desperate for a touch from heaven?

Stay tuned for more whacky hijinx from Abiding Glory "Ministries"!!

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