29 July 2008

Yay! Apprising is back up again!

UPDATE: The infamous post, entitled A Pastor's assessment of Richard Abanes, is back up at Apprising's new site. Upon reading it, I'm wondering jusy what got Abanes so galled. Perhaps it was this paragraph:
It has become quite apparent that Mr. Abanes has no respect for me, which, to be perfectly honest with you, does not matter to me in the least, as I do not choose to take this personally. As one of my mentors, Dr. Walter Martin, used to put it: We can agree to disagree agreeably. And, as I told my church during a recent sermon: Ken Silva is nothing! Isn’t that great; Christ is all!

However, I cannot help but wonder why Mr. Abanes just can’t seem to humble himself and see that other men of God, the stature of a Dr. John MacArthur for instance, have a stance regarding this eternally harmful “seeker-driven” fad which is sweeping through the Body of Christ, that is virtually identical to mine. Not knowing brother MacArthur personally, but having willingly humbled myself under the teaching ministry of someone Christ has chosen to make more prominent in His Church than I, (see–1 Corinthians 12:14-18), I do feel safe in saying that Dr. MacArthur would agree with me when I say that Rick Warren’s flawed view of church growth is but the tip of a veritable iceberg of bad teaching that is currently freezing the spiritual growth of so many churches in this nation.


Ken Silva has found a new host for his web site, complete with former posts (except for the one that got under Richard Abanes' skin). You can find him, once again, at Apprising.org.

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