01 July 2008

Fake Translation of the Week--1st Timothy 2:5-6

(Real translation here)

The Roman Catholic Church likes to think that the Virgin Mary is some kind of intermediary between man and God. That if you ask the Father in the name of Jesus, and He doesn't grant your wish, you go and pray to Mary--because, after all, she's a much better intercessor than Jesus. He's just an old stick in the mud and by golly, sometimes He needs His momma to set Him straight. So here is how one passage of Scripture would have to read for this abominable heresy to be true (altered text in bold italics).

1st Timothy 2:5-6--For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, and another one between man and Christ, and that is Mary, because she had a part in our salvation when she gave her Son as a ransom for all, that she may be glorified with her Son in due time.

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