17 July 2008

Slope getting slippery at Thomas Road?

Remember all those stories in the Bible about how a great man of God would "fall asleep" and it wouldn't be long afterwards that the nation would forget God, and turn to idols? The book of Judges is all about that vicious cycle.

I always wondered how that could have happened. Well, now, we get to see something similar unfold before our very eyes. Ingrid Schleuter has the story of Jonathan Falwell appears to be leading the church that God used his father to build down the path to ecumenicalism and inclusivism and downright me-centered theology:
That’s why I am so pleased to invite you August 11-13, to innovatechurch 2008 Conference, designed for Christian leaders and all those who have influence for Christ. Join me as we hear speakers such as Rick Warren, Chuck Colson, Ed Stetzer, Tom Mullins, Jim Cymbala and others teach us how to help our churches be effective in ministering to the next generation.

What I really love is that innovatechurch is all about YOU. Our leadership team here is focused on helping you become more like Christ. We want to help you know Him better. We want you to know that you are not alone. We want to help increase your ministry effectiveness.

We all know Rick Warren--the Purpose-Driven pope--is as ecumenical as they come. Chuck Colson, a man who God has used to greatly impact the prison population through Prison Fellowship, has, sadly, fallen prey to the wonders of inclusivism. Jim Cymbala--I cannot imagine why he would get himself mixed up with this bunch, as I have always heard him to be more orthodox in his leadership of Brooklyn Tabernacle. Don't know much about Stetzer or Mullins (if anybody else knows about them, please throw me a bone).

Is this a sign of things to come? I hope not. I hope Jonathan Falwell sees through these men as he hears them speak, and continues the strong legacy his father left.

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