10 April 2008

Homosexual agenda marches through New Mexico

The (Police) State of New Mexico, not content with letting illegal immigrants rampage over their open border, are now in the business of telling Christians businesses that they must cater to homosexuals, no matter whether or not it goes against their moral beliefs. I wonder what the New Mexico (Trampling On) Human Rights Commission would say if the photographer was gay and they were trying to refuse to photograph a Christian couple, and the Christian couple sued? Well, of course, being the rabid left-wingers they are, it would of course be the Christians' fault for not being "tolerant." Although the lesbians the Christian photographer don't seem to be too "tolerant" Of the Christian's beliefs.

From Stop the ACLU:
Consider a few analogies:

Imagine a black photographer being forced by the “human rights” commission to photograph a KKK rally.

Imagine pro-abortion sign-maker being forced to print pro-life signs.

Imagine Stop the ACLU being forced to run Code Pink ads.

…and on and on…

This is an outrageous affront to the First Amendment, which protects not just the right to privately hold certain beliefs, but to live them out publicly. This sort of coercion and punishment is fit, not for the United States, but for the worst totalitarian regimes.

Thankfully, the photographer is being defended by ADF, who will surely take this ridiculous ruling from an extra-judicial tribunal to court.

But, what else would you expect from a state that elected Slob Richardson to be governor. The same Slob Richardson that has come out in support of B. Hussein Osama Obama?

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