27 March 2008

Step right up and get your magic prayer shawl!!

That's right folks, just drape this baby--complete with many taken-out-of-context and twisted-to-fit-our-warped-theology Bible verses--across your shoulders, and you too will be driving a Hummer in a month! All thanks to the blood of Jesus!

And speaking of the precious blood that was shed so you could live a comfortable life of wealth and luxury (forget about all that old "sin" and "repentance" stuff), you can even order you some Blood of Jesus Anointing Oil! What else would you expect from a snake oil anointing oil salesman?

From Victory Temple Church, Lenoir City, TN, Pastor Woody Martin. (PS--If you go to their main page, be patient. They have it loaded with so much junk you'd almost need a dual-core processor to load it.)

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