28 March 2008

Resignation letter from a former Jehovah's Witness

Found this today, thought it might be intersting reading for anyone who might be--or who knows someone who is--a Jehovah's Witness. This is an actual resignation letter from a woman who found the light after being blinded for years by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. This is one woman who really did her homework:

There is a Bible test concerning false prophets in Deut. 18:18-22. According to Jehovah, the true prophet that we MUST listen to will be the one of whom Jehovah says, "I will put my words in his mouth..." So if a person or an organization claims that Jehovah HAS put words into their mouth, they are claiming to be that prophet, and according to v22, their message MUST come true, or they are a FALSE PROPHET. As you can see from the enclosed insert, the Watchtower Society has claimed this EXACT THING numerous times, (although they deny it explicitly in the March 22, 1993 Awake heretofore mentioned) so their prophecies must be judged accordingly. No prophecy that the Society has made to date has come true: the prophecies have ALL been false. Please notice that this passage doesn't even mention that the false prophet must claim to be INSPIRED in order to be a false prophet, so no false prophet could rightly get off the hook just by saying that they never claimed inspiration. Nor is there a way out of this delimma just by the false prophet saying "I never claimed infallibility and I have always said that I make mistakes". True prophets of Jehovah were fallible human beings, but they did not falsely prophesy


I also discovered that, according to historians, Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in 586 BCE - far from 607 BCE (as indicated in "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth"). This certainly puts a dent in the 1914 date, I would think. How long will it be before the Society changes the 1914 date, just as they have with so many others? Will we soon learn that Christ returned in 1934 instead of 1914...INVISIBLY? That would add 20 years to "this generation", which would be very convenient right about now, wouldn't you say?

I truely believed that the Society was God's "channel" and that the Governing Body's commands were Jehovah's commands. I can't imagine how I would have felt if my daughter Briahna (who has hemoglobin C disease) had needed a blood transfusion and I had withheld it, and she died!!! Futhermore, if I had been responsible for her death in this way, what if in a few years time the Governing Body were to change their mind about blood transfusions just as they did concerning vaccinations and organ transplants? (Are we to really believe that God changed his mind about these matters??) What would they have said to me? Would they wash their hands of my daughters death by saying that "We just made a mistake...we are not inspired...we never claimed to be infallible..."?

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