05 February 2008

Planned Parenthood isn't trying to indoctrinate your children. Really, they're not! Well, maybe they are...

For anyone who doesn't think that the goal of Planned Parenthood is to make sure your 12-year-old girl gets her abortion on schedule, here's proof they do. This video (HT: ReformationNation) was produced by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (San FranSchizo, CA). Watch the video (about 10:00 long), then read below.

Notice how the pro-lifers are evil zombies and sleazy senators, and how PPGG thinks murdering them is just so funn-nnyyyyy!!! And how did you like the girl who said, "I don't plan on getting an STD." Uh, yeah, good thinking! How many kids have said that and woke up one morning with some disease they didn't have before? "I don't plan on getting an STD." Boy, some role model for kids, huh?

And did you notice what the name of the "pro-choice superhero" was? Yeah, that sounds like something Planned Parenthood wants kids to get into. After all, what better way to get them pregnant so they can talk them into an abortion?

Folks, if you haven't figured it out by now, Planned Parenthhod is a sleazy operation run by people who couldn't care less about your children.

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