20 February 2008

Don't think Mormons want polygamy back?

Think again. The writer at this Mormon blog seems to think so. And reading the comments, he's not alone.
I’m not a big fan of Warren Jeffs. I don’t believe 14 year olds should be married, even if Utah thinks it’s OK. I personally wouldn’t practice plural marriage–though I’m not so certain the state should have any say in that issue, between consenting adults. I think Mr. Jeffs has some peculiar religious beliefs–but many would say the same thing about me. In short, I think much of what Mr. Jeffs teaches and perhaps practices are morally questionable; but, I don’t think Mr. Jeffs is a rapist, or an accomplice to rape...

These are not the only questions. From the beginning this case has been about getting Warren Jeffs and putting him out of commission because of his unpopular religious beliefs. Many are troubled by the marriage he performed between the 14 year old girl and the “husband.” I too am troubled; but, if that is the crime, then he should have been charged and convicted on that charge, not rape.

It's called "being an accomplice." If I trick a girl into going into a room where I know there are four men waiting to have their way with her, I am an "accomplice to rape." Even though I did not touch the girl, I still shared in the crime. Likewise, when an adult man--with the power of persuasion over a community like Jeffs had--uses that power to coerce a 14-year-old girl to enter into a marriage (and we all know why Mormons get married), then he is guilty of delivering that girl to an adult man for sex. Period. No amount of candy-coating is going to change the facts.

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