05 January 2008

The fruit of the Lukewarm American church

Recently, Ingrid Schlueter (at Slice of Laodicea) wrote a couple posts talking about

(1) a "Christian" death metal band being given permission to play at a church and
(2) girls at another "church" wigglin' and jigglin' to a Mariah Carey "Christmas" song.

She rightly posits that these days, all it takes to be considered a Christian in America is to waer a T-shirt that says "Jesus" somewhere on it, or slap a fish on your car, or put a little cross on your business card, and you are automatically enrolled in the program, and are immediately entitled to all the honors and benefits of being thought of as a child of God--and without all that repentance, dying to self, and taking up thy cross ickyness that so many of us "doctrine police" are so wound up about.

Well, what are the fruits of this easy-breezy-candy-coated-Purpose-Driven-Fluffernuttery? Read this email Ms. Schlueter received from a "devout Christian" girl about the above post, and you'll have your answer (All editing done by Ms. Schlueter):
Hi. My name is barb t********.
i found your article quite offensive, and here is my reason.

i am a catholic, and i firmly believe there is a god, but i don’t attend services very often. so would that make me a “satanist”?
i don’t think so.

so would that make a band “satanist”, because their lyrics don’t speak of praying, or of christ himself?
i believe not.

now what i do believe is that you are an extremely ignorant person. you are ignorant in the fact that anyone who doesn’t worship jesus is satanist. MANY people do believe in god, but it doesn’t have to be OUR god.
so would that make arabics satanist because they believe in allah, and not jesus christ?
would that make people who use “swear words” or people who “involve copious uses of the f-bomb spinkled with liberal uses of the s-word” in their daily language, satanists?
i don’t think so.

and another thing.
i read your article about “all i want for christmas body worship”
are you F****** kidding me?
noone said that “jiggling to mariah carey in tight jeans” was the new way to worship god.
thats another assumption on your part.

is it because mariah carey didn’t sing directly about jesus, that she is a “satanist?”

mariah carey is an amazing singer [with an 8 octave range, as a matter of fact.]
i find it ridiculous that you’re basing “the new way to worship god” on what a few girls did, instead of basing your judgement on the christian population as a whole.
i find it to be B*** ****.

and what the F**** are you talking about when you mean that you “fully expect Christian pole dancing to make it to church on Sunday morning very shortly.”

are you joking? because of what a few girls did, you’re going to believe that of all things, POLE DANCING is going to be brought into the house of god?

i firmly believe you are i need of some psychiatric help.

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