22 January 2008

Bill Clinton honors MLK's "dream" by having one of his own

Bill Clinton has a dream...while he was supposed to be honoring Martin Luther King's dream (Via New York Post).

Hey, uh, Bill, you might want to jot this down, Mr. "First Black President": Next time you're scheduled to attend a service honoring one of the greatest men in the hitory of the United States--get your sleep THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!

Of course, all the good little liberals are coming to Slick Willie's defense calling the speaker "boring", or a "windbag." Oh yeah, some excuse. Let's see if a Republican can get away with that one.

Let's see. Hillary fakes a (degrading) Southern black accent in a black church. Now, Billy Boy falls asleep listening to a man praise somebody other than him (Which person happens to have been black, and again in a black church). Hmmm, anybody else sense a pattern here?

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