12 December 2007

Huckabee asks question, LDS camp dodges

Here is just one more example of Mormons not being truthful about their beliefs. And one reason why Romney's Mormon beliefs should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to vote for him (From the Houston Chronicle):
WASHINGTON — Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, asks in an upcoming article, "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

The article, to be published in Sunday's New York Times Magazine, says Huckabee asked the question after saying he believes Mormonism is a religion but doesn't know much about it. His rival Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is a member of the Mormon church.

The authoritative Encyclopedia of Mormonism, published in 1992, speaks of Jesus as the son of God and of Satan as a fallen angel, which is a Biblical account.

A spokeswoman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Huckabee's question is usually raised by those who wish to smear the Mormon faith rather than clarify doctrine.

Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said Romney will not debate candidates on their faith or question their faith.

That's why I'm here. To bring to light the beliefs taught by the Mormon church, but they won't tell you about. So here it is, the truth: the Mormon church teaches that jesus and Lucifer are brothers. Gospel Priciples is a book the Mormon church gives its people to have family study time at home. Therefore, what is contained in this book is official Mormon doctrine. This is from the latest edition, chapter 3:
We needed a Savior to pay for our sins and to teach us how to return to our Heavenly Father...Two of our brothers offered to help. Our oldest brother, Jesus Christ, said, "Here am I, send Me" (Abr. 3:27)...Satan, who was called Lucifer, also came...After hearing both sons speak, our Heavenly Father said, 'I will send the first." (Abr. 3:27)

Jess L. Christensen, a former LDS area authority, wrote the following in the June 1986 Ensign Magazine, p. 25-26 (Ensign is an official publication of the LDS church. If it ain't official doctrine, it doesn't get in there):
On first hearing, the doctrine that Lucifer and our Lord, Jesus Christ, are brothers may seem surprising to some---especially to those unacquainted with latter-day revelations. But both the scriptures and the prophets affirm that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are indeed offspring of our Heavenly Father and, therefore, spirit brothers…as the Firstborn of the Father, Jesus was Lucifer's older brother.

This is not stuff that we who expose the truth of Mormonism are just making up as we go along. These quotes are not from such sources, either. These quotes are from OFFICIAL MORMON SOURCES, spoken by MORMON AUTHORITIES. This is what Mormons REALLY BELIEVE.

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