12 November 2007

Top 20 Christian albums: #16 and #15

16) Third Day--Time

When you got saved, who was the first Christian group you started listening to? Chances are, you were like me and it was Third Day. Not only do they make some really good music, but their lyrics give praise to God. "I've Always Loved You", "You're Love, Oh Lord", and a song about the heartbreak Peter must have endured after denying Jesus in "I Can't Take the Pain."

1) I've Always Loved You
2) Believe
3) Took My Place
4) Never Bow Down
5) Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36)
6) Don't Say Goodbye
7) What Good
8) Can't Take The Pain
9) Sky Falls Down
10) Give

15) Todd Agnew--Grace Like Rain

What sets Todd Agnew apart from most Christian artists is the themes that run through most of his songs. He really speaks from a humble heart, and many of his songs deal with just how imperfect and broken we humans really are. "Come Ye Sinners", for example, shows how we are unable to make ourselves acceptable to God. And in "Shepherd", he sings about how even after we get saved, we still, quite often, "chase all our wants, that we thought were our needs." (There's even a bonus track at the end!)

1) Reached Down
2) This Fragile Breath
3) Shepherd
4) Grace Like Rain
5) Romans 12:1
6) Still Here Waiting
7) Come Ye Sinners
8) Kindness
9) Lay It Down
10) Only One Thing
11) Wait For Your Rain

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