26 November 2007

Top 20 Christian Albums--#14 and #13

#14) Rebecca St. James--Transform

The combination of her lyrics, vocals, and music make this a must-have. From the powerful entrance of "For the Love of God", in which she puts the words of 1st Corinthians 13 to music, to an anthem for sexual purity ("Wait For Me"), to the last song in which she sings to God that "You are my hope/You are my joy/You are my Savior and You are my God", she is one of those rare Christian artists whose lyrics are more powerful than the music. And who doesn't feel the need to conform to this world, like some "Christian" artists.


1) Intro
2) For the Love of God
3) Reborn
4) Don't Worry
5) Merciful
6) One
7) Universe
8) Wait for Me
9) In Me
10) Lean On
11) All Around Me
12) Stand
13) My Hope

#13) Point of Grace--Steady On

This one holds a special place in my heart. It was the 3rd Christian CD I bought after being saved, and I listened to it all the way up and back from West Virginia on my first mission trip. Besides, these girls can do harmonies like nobody's business. And there's no way that anybody could listen to their songs and not know they are singing for God.


1) Steady On
2) My God
3) Amazing
4) Jesus Is
5) The Wonder of It All
6) Rain Down on Me
7) The Song is Alive
8) Drawing Me Closer
9) When the Wind Blows
10) Saving Grace
11) Better Days
12) Who Am I?

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