29 November 2007

Top 20 Christian albums--#12 and #11

#12) Chris Tomlin--The Noise We Make

Say what you will, this guy knows how to write a worship song. From the upbeat opening of "Forever" to his arrangement of Isaac Watts' most wonderful "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross", to the quiet "This is Our God", another artist whose lyrics really do overshadow the music.


1) The Noise We Make
2) Forever
3) Kindness
4) America
5) The Wonderful Cross
6) Captured
7) Be Glorified
8) Happy Song
9) Need You Now
10) This Is Our God

#11) Todd Agnew--Reflection of Something

If you've never heard worship songs sung in a blues-rock style before, then you need to give this a listen. This CD opens with a confession that we are totally undeserving of God's love ("Something Beautiful"), and finishes with a broadside against American Christianity (especially the heretical "prosperity gospel") called "My Jesus."


1) Something Beautiful
2) New Name
3) Blood On My Hands
4) Unchanging One
5) Isaiah 6
6) Mercy In Me
7) The Wonder Of It All
8) In The Middle Of Me
9) Always There
10) Where Were You
11) Fullness Found
12) My Jesus

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