14 November 2007

Fred! wins Nat'l Right-to-Life endorsement

What was the big hue and cry from those who tried to attack Fred! Thompson's pro-life stance? "Well, he worked for a lobbying firm that did work for a pro-choice group," or some such nonsense. Of course, they fail to mention that was, like, 20 years ago. For crying out loud, I was in favor of abortion 20 years ago. Even 15 years ago. And now, I'm about as pro-life as one can get. And so is Fred! Thompson.

And even the National Right-to-Life Committee (NRTLC) says so (From FOXNews):
The National Right to Life Committee announced its backing for Thompson in Washington, D.C.,

“Our endorsement is a testament to Sen. Thompson's longstanding pro-life record, his commitment to protecting unborn children and our belief in his ability to win,” said Wanda Franz, president of the committee.

The group also cast him as the candidate most likely to beat
abortion-rights supporter Rudy Giuliani in the primary race for the GOP nomination.

"While there are various polls, and some are up-and-down, the overwhelming consensus has been that he is best-positioned to top
pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination," said the group's executive director David N. O'Steen.

Is Fred! perfect? No. He has voiced support for--and against--some issues where I would have disagreed with his stance. But, compared to Rudy "I strongly support a woman's right to kill her child" Giuliani and Mitt "Magic Mormon Underwear" Romney, I'd take Fred! any day of the week!

(And yes, Romney's Mormonism is a problem for me. Click the link on the sidebar entitled "Are Mormons Christians", and look for "Why Romney flip-flops so much" But, if it were between him and Hillary? I would more than likely hold my nose and vote for him.)

Of all the candidates running for the White House, Fred! is the best choice for this country. Thank you, NRTLC for seeing that and supporting this man for president!

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