13 November 2007

Democrats: equal opportunity offenders

You may have heard this by now. Although you probably haven't heard which party the woman belongs to (Via Newsbusters):
A state representative in a runoff election infuriated civil rights leaders after she ended a conversation with the mother of the NAACP's local president by saying, "Talk to you later, Buckwheat." State Rep. Carla Blanchard Dartez, of Morgan City, acknowledged she made the remark during a Thursday night telephone conversation with Hazel Boykin to thank her for driving voters to the polls. Buckwheat, a black child character in the "Little Rascals" comedies of the 1930s and '40s, is viewed as a racial stereotype demeaning to black people.

You know that if she was a Republican, that fact would be blared in the headline. But, she is a Democrat, so the mainstream media has to bury that fact. I wonder what would have happened if Rush Limbaugh had said something like that...

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