29 November 2007

British teacher avoids lashing

The British teacher who was facing the prospect of receiving 40 lashes for **gasp** naming a teddy bear "Muhammed" has been convicted. However, somebody with a shred of common sense must have gotten through to these barbarians, since--thankfully--she only received 15 days in jail. (From London Times Online):
A British schoolteacher was behind bars in an overcrowded Sudanese prison last night after being convicted of inciting religious hatred for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Mohamed.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, escaped a sentence of 40 lashes after apologising to the court for any offence she had caused. But she began serving a 15-day sentence in a women’s prison where the regime is extremely harsh by Western standards.

Further into the article, you can read what a wonderful world this would be if we all submitted to Sharia Law. Religion of peace my foot.

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