27 July 2007

Voice of the Martyrs update (7/24/07)

Prayers for July 24, 2007
From The Voice of the Martyrs

TURKEY Turkish Prosecutor Demands Christians' Acquittal - Compass Direct News

On July 18, a Turkish prosecutor demanded the acquittal of two Christians on trial for "insulting Turkishness," under the nation's controversial Article 301. State Prosecutor Ahmet Demirhuyuk told the court there was "not a single concrete credible piece of evidence" to support the accusations filed against Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal, former Muslims who converted to Christianity more than a decade ago. In court Demirhuyuk said, "There is absolutely no system or practice to consider it a crime for Christians to learn or spread their religion or gather for worship. Exactly the contrary, within the scope of freedom of religion and belief, everyone is guaranteed the right under the constitution and laws of Turkey, to live and spread his chosen faith." Pray the charges against these believers are dropped. Ask God to touch the lives of Christians in Turkey and that their lives would be a testimony to their accusers. Isaiah 26:3, Philippians 4:6,7

INDIA Christians Beaten by Police Inspector; Pastor Beheaded - VOM Sources

KARNATAKA - On July 15, while a group of Christians were gathered for worship in Thadesa, a police inspector assaulted two believers and took them to the police station. The police inspector continued to beat them for another three hours there. Pray for healing. Ask God to encourage believers in India and for their love to draw non-believers into the knowledge of Christ.

MANIPUR - On July 5, Pastor Pau Za Khen, a Burmese pastor of the Upper Myanmar Evangelical Lutheran Church, was beheaded by an unidentified group in the town of Churachanpur, Manipur. Pastor Khen was abducted from his daughter's home by four men on July 4. His decapitated body was found in a field outside of town the next morning. His hands were tied behind his back and he was blindfolded. Pray for Pastor Khen's family and ask God to touch the lives of the killers so they can find forgiveness in Christ like Saul did.
Acts 9:1-19, Romans 8:11

CAMBODIA Christian Evangelism Banned - VOM Sources

On July 10, Cambodia's Ministry of Cults and Religions, distributed a directive banning Christian groups from door-to-door evangelism on the grounds that it "disrupts society." The directive also said distribution of religious literature should be confined to church buildings, which can only be built with government approval. Government officials said the ruling was aimed at reducing Christian evangelism thought Cambodia. Pray Christians in Cambodia will remain steadfast in their faith despite government opposition. Pray the testimony of believers will draw non-believers to Christ. Joshua 1:9, Isaiah 54:14

KAZAKHSTAN Home Confiscations to Follow Massive Fines - Forum 18 News

On June 22, a mother and her young child were barred from their home as court executors sealed the Baptist church premises in Shymkent where they live to prevent the church from meeting. According to Forum 18 News Service, the move followed the church's refusal to abide by a court order halting its activity merely because it does not wish to undergo state registration. In Semey, Baptist Pastor Viktor Kandyba, his wife and their 12 children were threatened with the seizure of half their home after the pastor refused to pay a fine for leading unregistered worship. Pray for Christians in Kazakhstan. Ask God to give them courage and encouragement to remain steadfast in their faith despite pressure for authorities. Pray for afety and provision for the families. Psalm 27:1, Psalm 91

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