18 July 2007

The Supreme Court is not run by feeeelings

Although Barack Obama would have you think otherwise (via Right Wing News):
We need somebody who’s got the empathy to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom.”

Obama said that 95 percent of cases can be judged on intellect, but that the other 5 percent are the most important ones.

“In those 5 percent of cases, you’ve got to look at what is in the justice’s heart, what’s their broader vision of what America should be,” Obama said, adding that justices should understand what it’s like to be gay, poor or black as well.

Obama said these are the criteria he would use to evaluate potential justices.
Um, excuse me, Mr. Osama Obama (hey, if Ted Kennedy can get away with it...), there's this little thing we like to call the "Constitution." That, my friend, is wht you should use to evaluate potential SCOTUS justices, not your wishy-washy, namby-pamby feeeelings.

So, basically, Osama Obama's only measuring stick for appointing someone to the SCOTUS is that they can completely ignore and overlook the Constitution, and install their own thoughts and feelings into the rule of law.

Welcome to Osama bin Barack Obama's nanny-state!!

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