16 July 2007

Dems paint Fred!'s wife as a "trophy"

Um, didn't John Kerry-Heinz make a big deal about TahRAYzah being "saucy and sexy"...when she really isn't? Well, now the Dems are apparently kinda miffed that Fred!--a Republican--is married to a younger woman.

Well, hold your hosses they-a pawd-nah! At least, thus saith Mr. Hawkins (via Right Wing News):
In the case of Thompson's wife, by calling her a "trophy wife," they're basically asserting that she is a bimbo whom Thompson married because she's hot (Think Anna Nicole Smith and that billionaire). But, Jeri Kehn is a lawyer, a former Senate staffer, and she worked for the RNC, so obviously she has a lot of brains.

If anything, pursuing this line will end up backfiring on the left because people will think it's extremely crass.
Well, what else would you expect from this group?

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