26 July 2007

Criminal of the week--Mahamu Kanneh

Since no illegal immigrants have stepped up this week to claim the award, we will hand it to one who is using his foreign citizenship to manipulate the courts into letting him off the hook for raping two little girls.

By now, you've probably heard that the case against this monster is in limbo. The judge dismissed last week because "they couldn't find an interpreter" that could adequately speak the Liberian defendant's "rare West African dialect", called Vai. Um, how you say...hogwash? The guy's been in this country for years, graduated from high school and college (all the while speaking English), yet they had to "find an interpreter". Well, no not really.

Well, since they couldn't find one, the judge said she had to dismiss the case. Um, excuse me, Ms. Judge, your honor? There was an interpreter sworn in the very day the case was dismissed!!! (via Ms. Malkin):
…Court records, meanwhile, show that an interpreter was “sworn” by a Maryland court on the same day Savage dismissed the case, FOXNews.com has learned. Loretta Knight, a clerk with the court system in Montgomery County, Md., claimed she had been unable to find an interpreter to stay on the case, even after an exhaustive search that included the Liberian Embassy and courts in 47 states. But a look at the court docket for July 17, the day the case was dismissed, shows the entry “Interpreter sworn.” Several items below in the docket, Judge Savage “grants defendant’s oral motion to dismiss case based on a speedy trial violation.”

A review by FOX News of the audio from that hearing shows, however, that
an interpreter was present throughout the entire court proceeding, during which time Kanneh’s lawyer, Theresa Chernosky, argued that her client had not been able to get a good job because of unresolved rape charges. Chernosky is heard also telling Savage that her client works at a gas station, and has not signed up for school because of the uncertainty about his future.

The translator can be heard throughout the entire hearing. Savage, however, notes to that the events in the case were “unforeseeable, truly difficult in terms of the interpreter issue.” She then tells the court that “in spite of herculean efforts on the part of the state’s attorney … time has become the enemy.” “What we come back to, then … too much time has passed, is that it’s the defendant who hold speedy trial rights.”
Want to know what's really sick about this case? The ages of his victims:
As other media outlets have reported, one of those girls was seven years old. What I have not seen noted elsewhere is the age of the other child.

She was one and half years old.
This fleabag raped a ONE AND ONE HALF YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL!!! He and his lawyers have been lying about his need for an interpreter, and the bleeding heart judge has fallen for his sob story. Hopefully, the prosecutor will keep up the heat to get this jerk behind bars.

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