21 June 2007

Today's "PUNKman" Jones update

This guy's more trouble than an Arab wearing a bulky coat on a bus in Jeruslem in the middle of July (from The Cincinatti Post):
LAS VEGAS - Suspended NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones must surrender to authorities here to face two felony charges in a strip club melee that preceded a triple shooting in February.

Two other people police identified as part of the troubled Tennessee Titans cornerback's entourage also will face felony charges in the fracas inside the Minxx club, Las Vegas police said Wednesday.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger said arrest warrants were being sought for Jones, Robert "Big Rob" Reid of Carson, Calif., and Sadia Morrison of New York.
"They'll be given a reasonable amount of time to turn themselves in, and if they don't, police will go looking for them," Roger said at a news conference.

OK, now get this: PUNKman and his merry bunch of thugs go into a strip joint in Vegas. Then,
A Las Vegas police report says Jones showered dancers on stage with money from a black plastic trash bag - an act of tipping known as "making it rain." When two dancers began fighting over the money, Jones allegedly grabbed one by the hair and punched her.
Can you believe that? He and his bunch come in and start "raining" bills on these girls. He does know that that is how they make their living, right? (And what a sad way to make a living, indeed!). He's GOT to know what was going to happen.

Then, he PUNCHES one of them? A grown doggone man!! Hitting a woman that probably ain't no bigger around than his arm, and he's going to punch--not slap, but punch he girl. Note to parents: You might want to think twice about getting your kid that #32 Titans jersey.

Then to show what a real man he is,
Jones is accused of swinging his fists and threatening the life of club employees who police said tried to intervene, and is seen on videotape punching a man who police identify as his own business manager.
Now, this is the part that's actually funny. He can't fight a grown man face-to-face, that much is sure. So what does he do?
Jones, 23, faces two counts of felony coercion stemming from allegations he bit a bar bouncer on the ankle and threatened to kill club employees, according to the criminal complaint.
HE BIT A GUY IN THE ANKLE!! He's an ankle-biter! I wonder if Pat Hynes knows about that! Well, at any rate, PUNKman has violated the terms of his one-year suspension. And as Tim Dahlberg at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says:
Maybe it's time to make it a lifetime ban.

Goodell certainly has the power to do just that, and there couldn't be a better candidate to remove from the game than Jones. He and his posse have wreaked havoc everywhere they've gone, and when he's booked in Las Vegas it will be his sixth arrest since he was drafted by the Titans in April 2005.
The Players' Union, of course, is behind PUNKman all the way. They're complaining that no one else has been given this kind of punishment. Well, like the song says, "there's a first time for everything."

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