06 June 2007

Putting the "mental" in "environmental"

A tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping environmentalist whacko was sentenced to more than four years for terrorists activities in Oregon. (From the Medford (OR) Mail Tribune, via Free Republic Online):
May 31, 2007 EUGENE — A federal judge today sentenced an Applegate woman to more than four years in prison for her role in a string of arsons around the West that caused more than $40 million in damage over a five-year period.

Suzanne Savoie was the fifth of 10 radical environmentalists to be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Eugene after they pleaded guilty to arson and conspiracy charges. All were members of an underground cell of the Earth Liberation Front known as “The Family.”

The sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken was eight months less than the proposed sentence in a plea bargain with Savoie in order to recognize her cooperation with investigators and the fact that she left the conspiracy in 2001 and has committed no crimes since then.

Savoie was convicted of particpating in two arsons, the first at Superior Lumber Co. in Glendale in January 2001, and the second at the Jefferson Poplar Farm in Clatskanie in May 2001.
And...Second verse, same as the first:
EUGENE — Confessed ecosaboteur Jonathan Paul of the Greensprings was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison Tuesday, but the judge withdrew the sentence almost immediately following a strong objection by the defendant's attorney.

U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken held off imposing the sentence after attorney Marc Blackman objected to her reading of the federal sentencing guidelines.

The two concurrent sentences Aiken imposed on Paul for crimes of arson and conspiracy were six months shorter than the time requested by prosecutor Stephen Peifer, an assistant U.S. attorney handling the case. But it was substantially more than the maximum 33 months Blackman had calculated in his reading of the guidelines under a plea bargain.

Paul, who tearfully read a statement renouncing arson during Tuesday's hearing, pleaded guilty in November to arson and conspiracy charges for his role in the July 21, 1997, firebombing of the Cavel West horse meatpacking plant in Redmond. The blaze destroyed the plant and caused $1.2 million in damage. He confessed to mixing the diesel and soap fuel known as "vegan Jell-O" and serving as a lookout.

Paul, 41, is the last of 10 defendants in what prosecutors described as The Family, a Eugene-based cell of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front. The defendants were sentenced this year by Aiken after pleading guilty to arson and conspiracy charges connected to a string of 20 fires that caused $40 million in damage in five states from 1996 through 2001. Three other members of the group are expected to be sentenced in federal court in Seattle later this year.
I guess this serves as a warning: If you plan to move to the Left Coast, STAY AWAY FROM OREGON!!! THE ENVIRONMENTALIST WHACKOS THERE ARE CERTIFIABLY INSANE!!

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