09 June 2007

Putting gas prices in perspective

Here in Knoxville, gas is almost $3.00 a gallon. And people are outraged by that fact. But, many of those same people don't mind spending
  • $3.00 for a pack of cigarettes, or
  • $3.00 for a drink in a bar or restaurant, or
  • $3.50 for a gallon of milk, or
  • $7.00 to watch a movie at the theater, or
  • $2.00 to rent a video or DVD for ONE night, or
  • $3.00 for a big bag of Doritos, or
  • $8.00 for a burger and fries at Applebee's, O'Charley's, etc., or
  • however much for a bottle of liquor, or
  • $2000 for a TV, or
  • $5.00 just to get into a club, or
  • $49.99 to watch the WWE on Pay-Per-View, or
  • many other things that are less important, but cost much more.

Yet, somehow, all the corporations making money off of these products and services aren't "greedy", or "evil".

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