20 June 2007

Hey, let's be like Iran! NOT!!

Ya know, for all the grousing that many people do about Christians being "backwards", etc., they don't seem to have a lot to say about Islam. Um, folks, when was the last time you heard Dr. James Dobson call for an adulterer or adulteress to be stoned to death. What's that, you haven't? No, you haven't. Because we don't follow a book written by a guy under the influence of Satanic spirits while lurking in a cave. Like the Muslim clerics in Iran (via Gateway Pundit):
Mokarrameh Ebrahimi is a 43 year old woman and mother of an 11 year old who has spent the past 11 years in Choubin prison in Ghazvin after being sentenced to stoning. The father of the child has also been in prison for 11 years and is scheduled to be stoned with her.

According to the Meydaan, the official site of the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign, an informed source has verified the news and added that “the pits are dug and prepared in Behesht Zahra cemetery to implement the sentence.”

This source also added that the sentence has been issued solely based on the judge’s knowledge, and there have been no witnesses to the so called crime of adultery and having a child out of wedlock...

Ah, yes! The religion of peace! What a wonderful example of love and mercy for the rest of the world to follow! And we're supposed to believe that these people don't want to kill US?

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