11 June 2007

Georgia voter ID law stands!

In a blow to many Democratic candidates, the Georgia Supreme Court has shown liberals everywhere (especially places like Chicago, Milwaukee, etc.) that, um, you can't just walk into a polling place, say that you are John Doe, and pull the lever. Especially if (as is the case in Chicago, Milwaukee, etc.) John Doe is dead. (Via the Boston Herald):
For months, lawyers have been battling over the law, one of several passed recently across the country.

Opponents claim the photo ID law will disenfranchise minorities, the poor and the elderly
[and illegal immigrants] who don’t have a driver’s license or other valid government-issued photo ID.

The law’s mostly Republican supporters
[emphasis mine. But notice they just had to throw that little nugget in there] say it is needed to prevent voter fraud and preserve the integrity of the electoral system. No examples of in-person voter fraud have been presented, though the proposal’s backers often mention the threat of non-citizens casting illegal ballots.

Monday’s ruling, written by Justice Harold Melton, said that plaintiff Rosalind Lake was not harmed by the voter ID law and lacked standing to challenge the law in the first place.
[like most liberals who don't like laws that make it harder to break the law] Lake was exempt from the law because she was a first-time voter and therefore allowed to vote person (sic) without showing a photo ID, Melton wrote.
Uh, here's an idea. Since voters need to register (isn't that an "undue burden"?), why not issue voter registration cards with the person's picture on it??? There! Problem solved! Now the only people who will be disenfranchised will be dead voters, who almost always vote Democrat.

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