05 June 2007

AlGore to visit Neptune

AP--"Former Vice-President AlGore will visit the planet Neptune, in an effort to pitch his new movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", to all Neptunians. "The global warming occuring on Neptune is an outrage! We need to rid Neptune of all her SUV's, and Neptunians need to make their carbon footprint smaller!"

Meanwhile, singer Sheryl Crow urged Neptunians to use only one square of toilet paper, so as to slow down the deforestation of their planet. At a speaking function, Ms. Crow and her friend Laurie David, tried tying the global warming trend on Neptune to an evil plot that was hatched by the Rove-Bushco-Halliburton machine."

Yes, folks, from 1980 through 2004, the planet Neptune experienced a significant amount of...GLOBAL WARMING!! (via Hot Air) Oh, and so did the planet Mars. So tell me, how many SUV's does the average citizen of these planets own? Are they enough to contribute to the shrinking ice caps on Mars? And where is Al "Chicken Little" Gore when these planets need them?

UPDATE: Originally I said that it was Mercury that was also experiencing "global warming". My bad. It was, indeed, Mars. I stand corrected.

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